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Sun Fun

Mary Laut, 2012

        What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle can patte-

        The book suddenly left Alex’s hand. His kohl lined eyes looked up, following the path that his book had taken but at a slower pace, into Tom’s smiling eyes. Alex sighed. “Give it back Tom.”

        “No way, dude,” Tom said. He took one glance at the page that Alex had been reading and shut the book with a vaguely queasy look on his face. “I’m not going to let you waste the day reading dreary poetry. I am going to get you in the sun and having fun.”

        “While sun and fun rhyme, they are not words that correlate with each other in my vocabulary. And I’m already outside, what more do you want from me?”

        “Yeah, sure, outside, but you’re in the shade, dude. You’re sitting under the tree that gives off the biggest shadow. I want you out of the shade.”

        Alex gave Tom a flat look. “I’ll melt. Give it.” He held out a hand reaching for the book. Tom ignored it.

        “No you won’t,” he said. “I know so. You just don’t want to get hot and sweaty and smear that make up you got on because you’re wearing all black.”

        Alex sneered lightly. That was true, but he wasn’t going to give Tom the satisfaction of knowing that. “Give me back my book or I’m going to kick your ass,” he said as he stood up.

        “Yeah? You and what skinny Goth boy army?”

        Alex leaped. He sailed through the air and on to Tom’s chest. The momentum from the jump knocked them both to the ground in a tangle of limbs. Tom stretched himself out so that the book was kept just out of reach of Alex’s questing fingers.

        “Come on you pansy, you can do better than that.”Tom said, not even winded.

        “You’ll see… Give it back… asshole…”

        Alex wiggled on top of Tom, trying to get more leverage on the taller man so he could get his book. In response to each movement, Tom moved the book a little in a different direction. The struggle was playful, a common way for the two to have arguments.

        Tom rolled them over so that Alex was under him. His legs were on either side of Alex’s and his weight prevented his movement. He gave Alex a look that said, “Was that all you got?” It was answered with a sly smirk.

        Alex’s head made a quick upward movement. A spell seemed to have been cast over Tom. His whole body felt warm and relaxed and his guard dropped little by little.

        Quite suddenly, Tom found himself on his back looking up at blue sky. Alex was perched triumphantly on his chest with his book in hand.

        “Hey…” Tom said. “You cheated.”

        “All’s fair in love and war.” Alex flipped through the book, trying to find where his reading had been interrupted earlier.

        “Whatever. Did you have fun?”

        Alex gave Tom an odd look, “…Yes… Why?”

        “Look where you are.”

        It was then that Alex noticed that they were no longer in the cool comfort of the tree’s shade.

        “I told you, dude. I was going to get you to have fun in the sun.”
Poem: Anthem for Doomed Youth, by Wilfred Owen

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