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Sarah Horn, 2011

        Shadow is an interesting thing. Though an area may be bathed in light, shadows sulk and shiver in the wind. When two shadows meet, they compete to see who can be the greatest, the darkest. At high noon, shadows are at their most concentrated state; as light wanes, shadows become thin, distorted monstrosities. In the absence of light, the world lay covered in thirsty darkness. Children fear this Shadow, as they should, but parents amuse their fears by “solving” the problem with a small light. This light seems to chase Shadow away. But Shadow lurks in the muted darkness: waiting and watching, waiting and watching.

        Obtaining this information about Shadow is not hard to do. All you need to do is watch. The longer you watch, the more you know. I have watched Shadow all my life. Shadow does not know when it is being watched. Day and night, seeming to enjoy the normal activities of life, Shadow is easily observed. Shadow plays tricks on people if they do not watch as carefully as I. The favorite game is finding ways to steal a tug at a person’s darkness, usually tugging the souls of feet, tripping a person terribly. Fancying this a childish game, the occasional observer will laugh away the poor soul’s misfortune. I know better.

        Shadow wants to make itself stronger. Only by gobbling up darkness is this allowable. Shadow doesn’t play games for the sake of merry making, no, Shadow wants more. Shadow wants you, Shadow wants yours. If Shadow can separate you from your darkness, you become lost, like Peter Pan. But you do not stay young forever and Wendy cannot help you. When Shadow steals your darkness, darkness alone can become of you. That is why you must watch, for watching Shadow lets you see it coming. And when it does come, you can stare your blackness into submission. For by watching Shadow, you see how it grows stronger, learn how it grows stronger, become a likeness to Shadow itself: until Shadow no longer dares play its tricks on you. Simply by watching I have become the Blackest Shadow.

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