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Grammar 101 (Revision)

Alyssa Vinluan, 2013

now this is grammar 101
so find a desk to write
this course will make you take a look
beyond whats black and white

here is your first reading
dont be frightened by its size
these millions of white pages
are simply just your life

we’ll start off with a challenge
and i’ll push you to the core
the only way to persevere
is by walking through this door

with ink as black as nothing
you’ll need a single pen
to scribble out these memories
that happened way back then:

the one that brought you to your knees
         when you thought it was the end
the one that brought you to the blade
         but only through a friend
the one that brought you pins and needles
         that pierced through your heart
the one that brought you endless tears
         as you finally fell apart.

but even though these lines
are smeared scratched and seared
the lessons learned will only help
but scars don’t disappear

so here’s your first assignment
and it’s due the day you die
i’m making sure you’ve lived
before you say good-bye

take all of these white pages
and you’ll see that it’s your past
but look ahead and what you’ll see
is blank and clean and vast

so here’s your chance
(and you can’t fail):

reach out to those who need it most
         because their heart’s in pain
and strive to keep your family close
         despite life’s daily strains
rise up and take on every challenge
         because you’re being tested
and forgive those who have done you wrong
         as bitterness only festers

don't forget to turn your life in
to my desk by your day's end
as i would like to see each student
walk through to heaven's bend
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